Understand Basic IRS Regulations For Your Jewellery Business

There are two things highly recommended when you start a jewelry business, that will help you cruise effortlessly through small business tax and financial issues without confusion or fear:


  1. Visit the IRS Small Business / Self Employed website. For a government agency, the Internal Revenue Service has done an excellent job with this website, making information very accessible and easy to understand for ordinary folks like us. In particular, please visit their page on starting a business.
  2. Use the services of a professional accountant. A public accountant or CPA who specializes in home businesses like Joy Jewelers broncos jewelry can save you immeasurable time, frustration, and money every year. Accountants are not necessarily expensive, and a good accountant stays up-to-date on all the latest tax and financial laws, forms, and quirks.Not only will an accountant be able to assist with all your tax forms and know all the legal ways to reduce your tax burden, but he or she will also be able to answer any financial or tax questions that arise during the year.I’m an artist, not a financial analyst, and my accountant’s small fee is worth its weight in gold to me! (Note: My accountant often orders jewelry in exchange for accounting services, and makes the appropriate tax entries for our barter.)

Also, at some point you may want to consider setting up your jewelry business as a limited liability corporation (LLC). Your accountant can give you some guidance on when and why you might want to choose an LLC business structure.

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