Top Colorful and Flexible Instagram WordPress Themes for Your Business Website!

Integration of Instagram with WordPress helps you to engage your customers better with your business website. These themes are ideal for all businesses that wish to reach out to their targeted audience with their marketing messages. If you are into fashion, beauty and interior decorating, your website should boost of colorful pictures to engage your audience well. When you come to the choice of Instagram and WordPress Themes, you will find there are a diverse range of flexible and colorful themes you can choose for your business. They have advanced features. Some of them improve the appearance of your website by making it attractive and appealing at the same time.

Leading Instagram WordPress Themes


If you are dealing with fashion and style or are the owner of an e-commerce website that deals with home, beauty and other gifts, this Instagram WordPress theme is the best for you. It provides you with a sophisticated resource for placing high quality blogs together. You can attract targeted audience better and cater to visitors in search of stories. The features and the layout of this theme will help you engage the audience better. In fact, this is what this theme targets to do. This theme is rich in features and you get complete full-width WordPress themes as an extra feature for your users. You effectively are able to display your posts with attractive hover effects. This theme offers you 11 layouts for your blog with a login page that can be customized. There are other pages you can use for FAQs, 404, archives and galleries for your website. There is a unique Widget Manager to help you set-up a specific widget if you want one for your site. You can choose the page where you want it to appear or the page where you wish to hide it. SugarBlog is a fantastic Instagram WordPress theme to impress your online customers and keep them engaged for a long time.


Conall is one of the top-quality Instagram WordPress themes you can opt for your website. It is more of a multi-purpose theme for your website. This theme has elegance, is clean, beautiful and can be extended. Most important, you can use it for any online project. It improves the functionality of your website and helps you kick-start your projects with a professional presence. You can effectively highlight your Instagram Feed on this theme. It is ideal for restaurants, fashion houses, builders of mobile applications, architects and interior designers. The theme has an admin section that is user-friendly. If you are a beginner and new, you will be able to create a professional looking website easily. The features are so simple for you to use. You get a wide range of five headers, testimonials, shortcodes, grid size that can be changed and much more as some of the most attractive extra features for your website. If you look at it for the first time, the theme does look basic however deep inside it has the ability to increase followers to your business. It is good for new projects and you can bring in followers fast. However, in case you wish to consider other options the list of Instagram WordPress themes will never disappoint. You can always buy followers on Instagram with credible websites like Gramblast online.


If you are the business owner of an online store, this Instagram WordPress theme is great for you. It helps you share your stories and products at the same time. It supports WooCommerce. It is a flexible resource for bringing out your products with success in the online market. You get custom styling with the plugin WP Instagram Widget with the developers of this theme tweaking it to some extent. Your posts on Instagram get an extra sheen that your customers will love. The layout of Laurel is very good, and it has an additional sidebar and footer detail that you can use. In short, this Instagram WordPress theme can improve the overall design of your business website.

The theme can be integrated with your online store on Instagram. It is translatable, permits you to customize colors and has two separate layouts for headers. It has a custom MailChimp for WordPress that makes your website or blog easy to sell and maintain.


If you have a blog and like to have a creative and natural flow of writing, this theme is the best for you. This theme helps you to increase your follower base. It gives you three separate index pages called Original, Waterfall and Creative. There are 9 homepages and six blog templates that are unique. You also get an integrated Instagram Feed widget with this theme. When you are a blogger, you must provide clarity and freshness to your followers. This theme helps you to promote your blog on Instagram. There is a misconception that bloggers should not use Instagram however this is not true. They can increase their fam following with their posts on this photo-sharing platform. Combining it with the Flow theme is indeed a smart choice.

Therefore, if you are on Instagram and are using WordPress for your website or blog, incorporating the right Instagram WordPress theme is a great idea. A good theme helps you to promote your blog or website better to your targeted audience. It improves flexibility and appearance.  Themes are easy for you to install on your website and blog. You may opt for the demo on their home pages before you choose the right theme that will work well for your site.

Instagram has the potential to work well for your blog or business. It is an excellent tool for you to generate actual followers and customers for your business. With a good theme, you can display your images on Instagram and get likes and followers in returns. Instagram supported Themes improve customer engagement and help you gain a competitive edge in the online market as well!

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.

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