The most powerful words to use as a freelance writer

Below are powerful attention grabbing words that you can use in your
headlines and sprinkled throughout your copy as a freelance writer.

Are You Still
“Are You Still” in your headline will not only grab your readers attention, but
also get your potential customer to say yes to the question, in other words
agree with you, (in this example your targeted customers are those that
haven’t bought a new computer for a number of years).

For example:
“Are You Still Using That Old Slow Computer?”
Breaking News
A “Breaking News” headline grabs the reader’s attention because breaking
news is new, it has the air of importance about it, and the reader will want to know
For example: (targeted to those suffering from acne).

“Breaking News! Scientist Finds Cure For Acne!”

“Discover” in your headline grabs your readers attention because everyone
likes to discover something new that could benefit them.
For example: (for fitness and those that want to lose weight).
“Discover The Secrets of Permanent Weight loss!”
“Exposed” in your headline grabs your readers attention because they will
want to know what’s been hidden from them; they will want to know what it is
all about, people are naturally inquisitive.
For example: (for customers interested in property developing).
“Tricks of a Property Developer Exposed!”

“Free” the word FREE is one of the most powerful words of all, try to use it
wherever you can, i.e. Free Bonus, Free Trial, etc.
For example: (suitable for any repeat product)
“This Acne Cream Will Change Your Life Forever!”
Guaranteed … FREE Trial Offer.

How To...
“How To” in your headline will get the readers attention because there’s
something that they could learn and benefit them somehow.
For example: (for targeted customers interested in fishing).
“How To Master Fly Fishing In 8 Days or less!”
Or Your Money Back

I’m sure you understand now, how you can use powerful words and phrases
in your headlines and copy.

Secret of good headlines

So, what is a good headline? Well a good headline must excite your reader, it
must connect with them in some way, it must be relevant to them, it must fire
up their ambitions, awaken their dreams their desires and make them read
Your headline must make the reader think that it’s written specifically with
them in mind, in other words your headline is not about your product; it’s
about your customer. The object of your headline is to help generate sales by connecting with the reader in such a way that the thought of ignoring it is totally eliminated.

Know your product … Know your customer.

I hope you know your product inside out; you certainly should, so now it’s time
to put yourself in the shoes of your targeted market, the people that you think
are most likely to be interested in your product.
Let’s say as an example, that you have a course on keeping fit, in particular a
course that has an exercise regime that mainly concentrates on the chest and
stomach areas of the male body.
The exercise plan is scientifically formulated; the workout takes twenty
minutes per day, and positive results should be seen within six weeks or less,
so that’s your product for this exercise.
Now you need to get to know your customer, so think now, what sort of
person do you think would be interested in your product?

Well … go on then … think about it
Just bear in mind one thing, you have about 3 to 5 seconds to grab your
reader’s attention with your headline, 3 to 5 seconds to persuade them to read
your copy, 3 to 5 seconds to fire up their interest and realize the benefits that
your product can offer them.

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