Ten Ways On Money Saving Tips for Your Holidays

 The Holiday season is still very much in the air. Here is a post on how to effectively safe yourself some good money for the holidays and even beyond. The believe is that you can have your cake and eat it too – even if you’re doing it on a budget. Read on, these are great tips for money savers.


Are you looking at a serious holiday money hangover again this year? There are many ways to save money at Holidays time. Here are ten easy ways to save money During Holidays without looking like a Grinch.

  1. Wrapping paper : Save money on wrapping paper. Use newspaper or brown paper bags and add a red or green bow. Purchase colorful tissue paper – it is cheaper than wrapping paper and better for the environment. Use scrap fabric tied around a gift. If you really want to use traditional wrapping paper, buy it after Christmas at discount stores like Dollar General or Big Lots.
  2. Homemade presents  are all the rage, thanks to the resurgence of crafting, cooking and gardening. Bake cookies, sew tote bags or make wire wrap jewelry for family and friends. Fill flea market jars with colorfully wrapped candy. Fill a mug with hot chocolate mixes.  Make cupcakes or chocolates, jams, gingerbread men or homemade pickles from cucumbers grown in your garden. Knit, crochet or sew sweaters or scarves. Create a keepsake or scrapbook from family photos.
  3. Cards :Stop sending paper cards whenever possible. Hone your card list and send cards only every other year. Send eCards, emails, Facebook cards or other online cards. Save money on the cards as well as the postage.
  4. Online shopping :Leverage all the tools of online shopping. Find the best prices using sites like Dealscience, dealcatcher.com, and Couponcodeday to find discount codes and free shipping deals on almost every product. Shop using sites like ebates and earn cash back on your purchases.
  5. Set a budget and stick with it. Talk with your kids about reasonable expectations at holiday time. Make a list of purchases and the spending limit for each person on the gift list.
  6. Personalization: Consider gifts that are personalized and sold at discounts when purchased in bulk. This might include case sales at wine shops, lottery tickets, photo books and more. Watch for bulk holiday sales at warehouse stores like Costco.
  7. Gift Tags :Reuse old Holidays cards as gift tags and attach them to gifts with ribbon. Cut the card picture side of the card into festive shapes like stars and bells for an added decorative touch.
  8. Potlucks: Turn holiday meals into potlucks. This balances the workload and preparations on the host and lets everyone sample favorite dishes from family and friends.
  9. Draw names for Holidays gifts and set a dollar limit on purchases. Have gift exchanges like “Secret Santa” or “Dirty Santa,” or a “white elephant” gift exchange. Simple exchanges reduce the amount of “stuff” people get, and they keep the focus on interaction between the participants.
  10. Charity: Give to charity in the name of the gift recipient. Well-respected charities include:
    1. Make-A-Wish Foundation – grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses  Toys for Tots – sponsored by the US Marine Corps Reserves, collects toys for needy children in the      community
    1. Local food banks donate baskets to needy families. If you are short on cash, donate your time at the food bank to pack and deliver the baskets.
    2. Children’s Services Agencies – Agencies often take donations or gifts for children in foster care or residential care.
    3. Nursing homes – Adopt a senior during the holidays. This is very popular for elderly people without family to visit them over the holidays.
    4. Armed forces charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Let’s Bring ‘em Home or Fisher House. These non-partisan charities help service members, veterans and their families. Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans adjust to life back home after injuries during wartime. Let’s Bring ‘em Home uses donations to fly service members home after deployments, and Fisher House provides housing near VA Hospitals for the families of hospitalized service members.





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