Strategic Marketing Tips That Will Sure Boost Your Sales

  1. Business Visionaries Plan for Success

Where there is no definite and adequate plan, most individuals and firms will fail at marketing before they even begin. Plans provide goals for your growth. Plans provide your investment a purpose and a return. Without a plan, you will end up wherever you happen to wander.

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Who says Visions Are Not Realistic?

A good personal or business plan must begin with a vision of what you want your business to look like in some distant time. A vision is reality in the future—this is different than a dream. Your vision of a future business state usually entails producing topline revenue. So, revenue is a great place to start. What is the total amount of revenue in your future business state? You may want to visualize the revenue in service categories or markets.

Having a firm grip on a solid and important vision will provide the motivation to keep going when circumstances weaken your drive

The vision you have established is your “What.” Once you can visualize your “What,” then develop your “Why.” Why do you want to grow to a certain size? Is it to provide you a better life? Provide better service to more clients? Most importantly take note – Create a firm that can be passed on to another generation of professionals? If you have a strong “Why,” you can accomplish almost any “What.” With a vision of the future, you must set forth action plans that will likely lead to your desired result. Use action plans that include steps such as involvement in a trade group, writing articles in important journals, speaking at industry meetings, and meeting with important targeted clients and prospects.

Your Action Needs a Clear Vision

Many professionals begin their plans with the action steps. This is a huge mistake. When you begin your plan with the action steps, you will not have the motivation to carry out the steps.Having a firm grip on a solid and important vision will provide the motivation to keep going when circumstances weaken your drive. Remember, though, all plans are dynamic, not carved-in-stone documents. Be prepared to reach for unexpected opportunities. All plans begin with intended strategy. But circumstances will prove that certain actions do not work. Other circumstances will give rise to opportunities you did not consider.With a dynamic plan, your realized strategy will be a happy ending.

Motivating Your Employees for Marketing

Do you want better sales results from associates? If you pay staff members a flat salary for hours worked, then you will get just that: hours. An imaginative bonus plan will stimulate employees to help attract and retain clients.

cash 4 wealthFinding and retaining loyal employees is one of the secrets to marketing success. When you create pay plans that are imaginative and fun, and when you can tap into other motivators such as recognition and family support, you will keep your best people and keep them excited about their work. They can also help you recruit more people like them.We have researched this concept thoroughly over the past few years with many firms and other consultants. We have found five characteristics of incentive pay plans that create success.

1.    Reward for Effort

Jay Conrad Levinson says it takes an average of 27 marketing attempts to move a prospect to readiness to engage. Keeping momentum in a long sales cycle is important, but difficult. No wonder most people give up after the second or third attempt. It is the cumulative effect of repeated marketing efforts that yields new clients. Firms that reward effort create an environment that encourages staffers to build relationships that can pay off in the long term. Rewarding effort need not break the bank. Let your associates know that at least half of their bonuses and raises depend on marketing efforts.

2.    Reward the Results Your Associates Can Control

Don’t wait for the client to pay the bill. Pay for creating the lead.Pay them even if the lead does not become a new client. Initiating introductions to qualified prospects is a valuable habit for you to support. Pay bonuses for regular attendance at civic and business club meetings.

3.    Make Rewards Timely

Quickly reward the effort and results you want repeated. Again, don’t wait till the client pays. Quick rewards encourage more action.

An imaginative bonus plan will stimulate employees to help attract and retain clients. Finding and retaining loyal employees is one of the secrets to marketing success

4.    Reward Publicly and Often

If you can pass out bonus checks regularly at staff meetings, you will create excitement. When you reward publicly, you are employing a more powerful motivator than money: recognition. Being recognized by one’s peers for a job well done is more long-lasting than money.

5.    Reward with Products, Vacations, or Entertainment

Products such as televisions or trips are remembered long after cash has been spent. When you reward with tangible items you impact the employee longer and you may positively affect his or her spouse.

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In Conclusion

Remember that marketing is an investment activity. What you do with your billable time determines your income this year. What you do with your marketing is an investment in your future income. As part of your marketing plan, explore other means of marketing to improve on sales a good example is .Clearly set forth the amount of time and money you are willingwilling to invest. Make sure the amounts invested make sense as related to your intended result. Finally, it’s not what you know about marketing or what you plan to do about marketing that counts. It is your commitment to marketing action that will achieve results for you.

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