Las Vegas Attack Update: The Ones Who Were Lost

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Mourners attend a candlelight vigil at the corner of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard for the victims of Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.
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Updated Oct. 6 at 2 p.m. ET

A 20-year-old aspiring nurse who fell into her high school sweetheart’s arms. A Navy veteran haunted by the memories of war. A mechanic who loved the outdoors and held a stranger’s hand as he died. A mom of four with a newborn at home, still out on maternity leave. A husband celebrating his anniversary, taking a bullet for his wife.


Fifty-eight people died in the Sunday night attack on a country music concert on the Las Vegas Strip, not counting the shooter, and more than 480 were injured. It was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

On Thursday the Clark County Coroner released the official list of those who died.

Here is what we know about them.

This post will be updated with further information about the victims as we learn more.

Andrea Castilla, 28, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Castilla was in Las Vegas celebrating her 28th birthday, holding hands with her sister, when the chaos began. She died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head, according to her aunt, Marina Parker, who began a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral services and other family expenses.

After being shot, Castilla was carried over a fence and out of the festival grounds by her boyfriend, sister, and soon-to-be brother-in-law, who turned a barricade gate into a makeshift stretcher, according to ABC News.

“We couldn’t give up on her,” said her sister, Athena Castilla. “She deserved a chance to get help…she was literally dying in my arms.”

Castilla attended Cypress College, according to her Facebook page, and had worked the past two years at the cosmetics and beauty supply store Sephora.

Calvin McDonald, the chief executive of Sephora Americas, said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times that Castilla was known “for her vibrancy, liveliness, caring and consideration of others.”

Her boyfriend, Derek Miller, was waiting for the right moment in the concert trip to propose, People reported.

“They had promise rings, and they always talked about it,” said Castilla’s brother, Adam. “He wanted to start a family with her.”

Austin Meyer, 24, Marina, Calif.

Meyer, a huge Boston Celtics fan, had dreams of starting his own auto repair shop after he graduated college with a degree in transportation technologies. His sister told KSBW, a TV station in Monterey, Calif., that Meyer was “ambitious, smart and hard working.”

“Austin was a joy to be around,” said Veronica Meyer. “He was excited to get married and start a family.”

Meyer worked as a driver for Main Event Transportation, the company confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle. And his Facebook photos all feature Meyers alongside his fiancé, Dana Getreu.

“I still can’t believe you’re gone,” Meyer’s work colleague, Chris Elliott, wrote on his own Facebook page, according to the Chronicle. “I would take your place if I could. I love you so much and thank you for always being the great person you were.”

Patricia ‘Pati’ Mestas, 67, Menifee, Calif.

Mestas, the mother of three, and grandmother of eight, was a country music fanatic, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“She definitely wasn’t shy,” said Mestas’ close friend, Isa Bahu. “She was a fun-spirited woman, who always made you laugh. She always liked to be in a good mood and liked to have fun.”

Brooks and Dunn was her favorite country act, but Jason Aldean, the performer on stage when the shooting began, wasn’t far behind.

Her cousin, Tom Smith, told CNN that spending time with her family was the “best part of her life.”

“It was difficult for life to defeat her,” he said. “I remember her being able to talk about the good things, rather than talk about illnesses, like older people do. She loved to laugh, loved to smile — a big smile that would line up the whole of her face.”

Carly Kreibaum, 33, Sutherland, Iowa

In this small town of just 600 people, the electronic welcome sign displayed a grim update on Wednesday: “RIP ‘Carly,'” reports The Des Moines Register.

The mother of two young children lived on a farm just outside Sutherland and worked at a Walmart, reports the Register. Kreibaum had traveled to Las Vegas to see the concert with two friends.

“She was a kind, loving mother, just working and taking care of her children,” area resident Dan Wetherell told the newspaper. The town has been rallying around the family and an area bank has set up a benefit for them.

Keri Galvan, 31, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Images of Galvan with three young children are scattered throughout her social media accounts. According to a GoFundMe page set up by her sister, Lindsey Poole, Galvan’s children are just 10, 4 and 2-years-old.

“Her days started and ended with doing everything in her power to be a wonderful mother,” Poole said.

She died in the arms of her husband after being shot at the concert, reports Fox News.

Carolyn Lee ‘Carrie’ Parsons, 31, Seattle, Wash.

Parsons was on a girls’ trip to the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival when she was gunned down, reports Seattle news station KOMO News.

The 31-year-old worked as a manager for the staffing agency Ajilon, according to her LinkedIn profile.

“Carrie was always the life of the party and had the biggest heart, always putting others needs first,” her aunt Barbara Parsons posted on Facebook. “Recently engaged she had her whole life in front of her. Now it is ended.”

Brett Schwanbeck, 61, Bullhead City, Ariz.

A grandfather of five, Schwanbeck was attending the concert with his fiance, Anna Orozco, reports The Washington Post.

“Brett was shot in one of the very initial rounds of gunfire as most people still had no idea what was happening around them,” Schwanbeck’s neice Carla Van Hoosen wrote on a GoFundMe page created for his family. “After trying to help Brett in between gunfire rounds, Anna was able to find refuge in a dumpster.”

A retired truck driver, “Brett was a great man that was funny, generous, kind, loving and so full of joy,” Van Hoosen wrote. “He would drive 500 miles to help you if you needed it.

Chris Hazencomb, 44, Camarillo, Calif.

Hazencomb lived with his mother in Camarillo, Calif., but he traveled to Las Vegas to attend the concert with his friend Nikki Torres. The two had been close since they met in 2003 working together at a Toys “R” Us in Thousand Oaks, Calif. She told NPR she was standing beside him when he was shot.

“He was the nicest person everyone knew,” Torres said in an online message to NPR. “He would do anything for anyone, always wanting to make you happy. He was family to myself, husband and my children, whom loved him like an uncle.”

She said he was the kind of person who many people loved and would miss, “people who only knew him from shopping at the Wal-Mart he worked at have reached out to his mother to share love.”

Steve Berger, 44, Excelsior, Minn.

“He had turned 44 on Saturday. So he was 44 and one day,” said Dorothy Fuller, a co-worker of Berger’s.

Berger, who was a financial adviser and was a father of three, “was very passionate about helping people,” said Fuller. He helped “even small investors save” for a “better or quicker retirement.”

Berger’s mother confirmed his death to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper. She also called his office to alert his co-workers.

Josh Decker, a friend who had attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival with Berger told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “The sound of gunfire is stuck in my head…I watched my friend die in front of me.” But he said “my heart hoped he was alive.”

This undated photo shows Keri Lynn Galvan, one of the people killed in the Las Vegas mass shooting Oct. 1.


Victor Link, 55, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

Link, who worked in the mortgage business, was a “funny, kind, loving man, who enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest,” his sister Lisa Hiestand told NPR. “He never met a stranger, he was just kind to everyone.”

Link loved music. His nephew, Vincent Link, told a local Bakersfield outlet that it was no surprise Link attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival; he had spent the past few months traveling from state to state, concert to concert.

This undated photo shows Carrie Parsons, 31, of Seattle resident, killed in the Las Vegas attack.


“I love you so much Dad. Thank you so much for adopting me,” Link’s son Christian wrote on Facebook, “I’m going to do all the things that we talked about but this time I’m actually going to do it.”

Link attended the festival with his fiancee, Lynne Gonzalez, who was treated for shock in the hospital.

Candice Bowers, 40, Garden Grove, Calif.

Bowers left this world doing what she loved: dancing to country music with her friends.

Life was not always easy for the single mother, but things were looking up. “She had a lot of hard knocks in her life,” her step-grandmother Patricia Zacker, 82, told NPR, “but she prevailed.”

Bowers attended the show with her friends. When the gunshots began, they dove under a table. According to Zacker, everybody was running all over, and nobody could find her.

“It’s a horrible, horrible thing,” Zacker told NPR, holding back tears.

She will be remembered by her three children, Kurtis, 20, Katie, 16, and Ariel her 2-year-old adopted niece, who were the “epitome of her life,” Zacker said. “She was willing to do anything for them,” Zacker said.

Distraught by what happened, her bosses at the coffee shop where she worked started a gofundme page to support her family, Zacker said. Their efforts have raised the family more than their goal of $35,000.

Brennan Stewart, 30, Las Vegas

Stewart was a passionate country music fan and an amateur singer-songwriter, who uploaded videos of some of his music to YouTube.

One of his videos — a cover of a song from Cole Swindell’s album You Should Be Here — has now received thousands of views.

“How you gonna leave me right in the middle of a memory?” Stewart sang.

His family said in a statement that Stewart shielded his girlfriend from bullets and helped others to safety, the Associated Press reports. His sister-in-law confirmed his death to the Las Vegas Review-Journal and friends of his spoke to local TV station KSNV.


His friends said Stewart smiled constantly and was always the life of the party.

Tara Roe, 34, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Roe was an educational assistant with the Foothill Schools division, which confirmed her death. She was also a model with Sophia Models International.

“She was always a friendly face and had a very caring spirit,” the agency wrote on Facebook.

Roe, a mother of two, was with her husband at the show but they became separated during the attack, the CBC reports.

Roe’s aunt told the broadcaster that Roe was “a beautiful soul” and “a wonderful mother.”

Erick Silva, 21, Las Vegas

Silva, a private security guard, was on the job at the music festival when the shooting started. He was killed as he sought to save concertgoers during the massacre.

He was stationed in front of the stage, his company told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He was trying to help people get out,” Gina Argento of Contemporary Services Corp. told the newspaper.

One of his friends, Martin Adrian Marin Jr., spoke to The Associated Press about Silva:

” ‘He would give the shirt off his back to comfort anyone,’ Marin said. ‘He was such a courageous man.’

“Marin has saved the last text message Silva sent to him that Sunday morning, before going to work at the festival.

” ‘I want to wish you a lovely and productive day,’ Silva texted. ‘Just know that I am always here.’ ”

“Silva would send text messages like that almost daily, Marin said.

” ‘He was always so sweet and generous and caring,’ he said. ‘It was not hard to fall in love with his personality.’ ”

Silva’s step-sister Daisy Hernandez told CNN that Silva, who had just turned 21 this summer, “was loved by so many people.”

Derrick “Bo” Taylor, 56, Oxnard, Calif.

Denise Cohen, 58, Carpinteria, Calif.

Taylor and Cohen, who were dating, attended the Route 91 Harvest festival together. They never made their flight home.


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