How to do a professional on-page SEO analysis for your customers

When you start a new SEO campaign for a customer, you want to be sure to give them an analysis of their on-page optimization factors. If their website has not been optimized correctly, you should show them the things that you can do as an SEO company to improve those factors. You should also be sure to highlight the things that their website has that are correct. Acknowledging them for their accomplishments and showing them what on-page search engine optimization factors they have done successfully will help them feel more confident and trusting in your services. As an SEO company, you should be working to provide your customers with the most value possible. You should never be redoing anything that has already been done successfully for the website and if you are working with a customer that is familiar with SEO, you could lose their business by not acknowledging these accomplishments. Nobody wants to feel like they are paying for things that they don’t need, this holds true for any business and any service provider.

Analyze Their Titles, Descriptions, and URL Structure
These are some very key points to remember when you are doing on-page SEO analysis. Titles, descriptions and the URL structure of every page on the website is critically important to ranking on search engines. Make sure that your new client has included the targeted keyword phrases on every page in the title and also be sure that they have written a unique description for each page that includes their targeted keyword phrases. Most importantly, make sure that the URL structure of their entire website is set up to be keyword oriented. There a lot of content management systems for websites that can do these types of features automatically, specifically the URL structure. Content management systems will form the URL structure based on the name of the page and they will also place the name of the page in the title as well. This is why it’s important to name your pages appropriately with the right keywords.

Analyze their Backlink Count and Social Media Presence
By analyzing the number of backlinks and the social media presence that your customers have, you can show them that you are a well-rounded service provider and understand what you do thoroughly. Some good points to bring up are the number of bookmarks that their website has, the number of times it has been Tweeted, how many Facebook likes the pages of their site have received, how many Google +1’s their pages have received and you can also bring up other factors like their presence on StumbleUpon and similar websites. These are great things to talk about with your clients and discuss with them how they want to improve these factors which can have a significant impact on search engine optimization. Social media presence has caught the Internet by storm and increasing the numbers in these categories is very important if you want to rank their website for competitive keyword phrases.


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