How To Be An Efficient, Money-Making Blogger

Within just a few years, blogging has gone from mere hobby to popular sources of information. Bloggers have rapidly gained influence and clout in their spheres of interest, to the extent that some are even arguing that bloggers may be replacing journalists as reliable sources of information.

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Good blogs are educational, well-researched, well-written and informative, often written in a more accessible manner than traditional journalism. In fact, two blogs–The Huffington Post and Politico–won Pulitzer Prizes, encroaching on territory that was once solely dominated by notable newspapers, like The New York Times. And advertisers are paying attention as the lines between blogging and journalism becomes increasingly blurred.

What was once just a pastime has now become a potentially full-time, viable source of income. Even if a blog isn’t quite as mainstream, well-funded, or well-staffed as The Huntington Post, it can still earn revenue. Here are a few tips on how to make money as a blogger.

1. Have a point of view, voice, and subject niche. Mainstream journalists are expected to remain neutral, whereas blogs are more successful if they express a unique or particular perspective and opinion. A blog’s viewership depends, in part, on the development and maintenance of a “personality.” Fans, followers, and advertisers respond to blogs with a distinctive voice within a particular scope. Growing an audience may be easier if the blog focuses on specific subject matter, at least, in the beginning.

Good blogs are educational, well-researched, well-written and informative, often written in a more accessible manner than traditional journalism

How does having a point of view help with generating income from the blog? Advertisers respond to traffic numbers–and the more followers and unique or repeat pageviews, the more interest the blog will garner from corporations and other advertisers.

2. Create original, useful, well-written content and visuals. Remember, traffic is king when it comes to drawing the attention of potential advertisers. In order to build a substantive reader base, regular posts filled with interesting content (free of grammatical and spelling areas) are more likely to draw repeat and new viewers.

And content isn’t just about the writing either. Strong images or fun videos that are in line with the topic of the blog post also increase traffic and interest.

3. Incorporate pay-per-click advertising on the blog, like AdSense, to generate revenue. AdSense is relatively easy to use–all that needs to be done is copy and paste code. As one of the largest advertising networks available, AdSense provides varied options of advertisers, so it increases the chance of finding an advertiser that suits a blog, no matter how niche.

How does AdSense work? The blog owner gets paid each time a visitor clicks on the ads displayed on the blog. The more traffic the blog has, and the more appropriate the advertising, the more revenue is generated.

4. Affiliate marketing. Considered one of the most lucrative means of earning money through a blog, affiliate marketing is a great way to create interesting content while recommending  relevant, appropriate and helpful products to your audience. Whether the blog post focuses exclusively on the review of a company’s product or service, or the item or service is mentioned in passing as part of another topic, businesses pay for the opportunity to be mentioned in highly trafficked blogs.

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is one of the biggest and most well-known available, but there are many other options for smaller blogs. Pitching to smaller companies to set up an affiliate marketing program is also an option, if the blog is in the middle-tier of audience sizes.

How does the blog earn money? Generally, a link of the product or service is included in the blog post, and if a visitor clicks through that link and purchases the item or service, the blog owner receives a portion of the sale.

A blog doesn’t have to sell a product in order to generate revenue. As blogs become increasingly important in the world of information, companies are choosing to affiliate themselves with popular and highly trafficked blogs through sponsorship and advertising. By building a strong, directional blog with excellent content, a blog owner has the opportunity to generate an income through advertising.

Dave Landry Jr. is a finance expert and businessman who has only recently begun blogging and is fascinated at how it allows for virtually anyone to be a reporter. Dave works frequently with National Debt Relief, a BBB-accredited agency dedicated to helping people with their financial difficulties. He hopes you enjoy this article.

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