Conversion of JPG File into an Editable Word Format

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A few years ago, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology has been introduced. This is the technology that brought the digital revolution for the people who have the work of retyping the entire text from the image files such as handwritten, typed, computerized receipts, printed documents, invoices etc. in the form of machine-readable text. OCR software has the capability to scan the accurate data of the file and make it editable. It has reduced the paperwork and make your job effortless and simple. OCR helps in reducing the costs like copying and printing. Many enterprises are aggravated by the problem of inaccuracy and data loss, but OCR helps in reducing the error and make the work excellent.

You can find numerous software in the market, but if you are not in the mood to spend your time by selecting the software, you can download it from the most reliable company Soft Solutions. In case, you are doubting that how does it actually work? Do not worry, you get the 15-day trial free for using it. During the trial period, you will get to know all its features, and how it works. After that, you can purchase it with a small amount of fee.

Once you download the JPG to Word Converter, there are some steps, you need to carry out:

Step 1: You require to install the software after downloading it.

Step 2: You have to choose the document for converting into a word format. You can either take a scanned image file or a file from the computer.

Step 3: Now, choose the output format in which you need to convert the file.

Step 4: After selecting the file, click the option “Save”. Your file conversion is done.



Benefits of Using It:

  • You can do a number of files conversion at one time.
  • You can easily convert your black and white image file into a colored one.
  • You can secure your document by using password protection and watermark security.
  • You can digitize the document in other languages too. JPG to Word Converter supports over 40 languages.

Note: JPG to Word Converter will always give you the result at its best. But if you take the low-quality file for conversion, it is not necessary that you would get an appropriate result. So, you should consider this point before choosing a file.

The Final word

OCR is such an outstanding technology, which increases the efficiency of the file conversion. Many enterprises and digital businesses are now growing rapidly using this technology and JPG to Word Converter is one of those software that proves to digitize the file into an appropriate Word document.


Author Bio:

This Article is written by Ankit Nagpal, he is a software developer and a writer. He is an expert in the domains of scanning, image editing, printing, file conversions, file formats, & document security. He is also the owner of a software company “Soft Solutions” that develops software in those domains.


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