6 Unique Steps to Creating Your Business USP, This Determines the Quality of Your Brand

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The first step at building a brand is to have a Unique Selling Proposition or a USP. As a business without one, you’re adrift in a sea of me-too businesses without a rudder, unmoored to the trade winds of the marketplace. USP-less businesses offer nothing distinct, nothing unique, no benefit, no logical reason that someone should buy from them other than hope or circumstance wrapped around a cheap price. Your USP is the anchor to your brand. What makes your company different from the rest? What sets your business apart? What will compel a customer to use you over someone else? Nothing but your unique selling proposition. (USP)

My USP was powerful: No-risk advertising. If we send you nothing, you pay nothing.
Advertisers joined by the truckload because they were tired of advertising with the Yellow Pages, which offered this risk proposition: “Pay us $10,000 upfront, then hope and pray.” I exposed a pain-point and fixed it. Our carpet cleaner had no USP. Nothing set him apart, as he might as well just been a lonely grain of rice in a 50-pound bag of feed.

“USPs are the building blocks to brands and can compensate for higher prices or even an inferior product!”

USPs are the building blocks to brands and can compensate for higher prices or even an inferior product!
FedEx was introduced to the world when it said, “When your package absolutely positively has to be there overnight.”
M&M’s said, “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” Notice how these USPs target benefits.
Domino’s Pizza building a pizza empire based on the USP of “delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less—or it’s free.” Domino’s identified the need: Pizza delivery was a long ordeal. They solved it, branded it, and the rest is history. How did Domino’s infiltrate such a crowded market space and succeed? Branding and marketing—the QUEEN in the chess game so is the The Yamaha FG730S at wwbw.com Solid Top Acoustic Guitar signifies Pure tone sound.

How do you develop a solid USP for your Business or company? There are five simple steps.

Step 1: Uncover the Benefit(s)
Get into business for the right reason: to solve a problem or a need. That creates your first USP. If you are already in business, find the greatest benefit of your product, one that sets it apart from the competition. Do this with your customer in mind. Think about their needs and what they want.

Step 2: Be Unique
The objective of a USP is to be unique when compared to the alternatives. This impregnates the consumer with a logical argument for choosing your company, because, without your company, they are forgoing the benefit. USPs should use powerful action verbs that create desire and urgency. “Lose weight” should be changed to “Obliterate fat” or “Shred pounds.” “Grow your business” should be dropped in favour of “Explode revenues” or “Shatter sales records.”
The uniqueness of your USP creates a consumer divergence when it comes to their buying decision. If you pick a Mac over a PC, you are choosing safety, speed, and reliability over viruses and bloat ware.

“The uniqueness of your USP creates a consumer divergence when it comes to their buying decision”

Step 3: Be Specific and Give Evidence
Noise is everywhere, and if you are going to rise above it, you have to alleviate natural consumer scepticism. Do so by being specific, and if possible, offer evidence.
“Your car sold in 20 days or less or it’s free.”

“Drop 20 pounds or you don’t pay a dime.”
“Your home sold in 30 days or I own it.”

Domino’s Pizza didn’t say “Delivered on time,” they said, “Delivered within 30 minutes or it’s free.” It was a specific action and evidence of that action. (Your pizza is free if we don’t perform!)

Step 4: Keep it Short, Clear, and Concise
The best USPs are short, clear, and powerful. Long phrases get skipped over.

Step 5: Integrate Your USP into ALL Marketing Materials
A USP is worthless if it isn’t conveyed throughout every aspect of your business.
Include your USP on all your public communications:

  • Your trucks, vehicles, and buildings
  • Your advertising and promotional materials
  • Business cards, letterheads, signs, brochures, and flyers
  • Your Web site and your email signature
  • Your voice mail system, receptionist/sales scripts, etc.

“Fraudulent USPs gets exposed fast and creates “human resource systems” ready to rick-roll your company”

Step 6: Make It Real
A USP has to be strong enough to convince people to buy or, even better, switch brands. If it doesn’t capture your audience’s attention, or the benefit/hook is too weak, it won’t work. And then, you have to make your USP real. You must deliver on what you say. A pizza delivered in 40 minutes makes the 30-minute guarantee a fraud. Fraudulent USPs gets exposed fast and creates “human resource systems” ready to rick-roll your company.

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