5 Tips for Generating More Traffic To your Website and Making More Money

You want your website to look good, but your site isn’t just for show. Sure you want a lot of eyes on your site, but you don’t want visitors to admire your pages. You want visitors there to make money.
If you want good revenue from your site, you really need to drive traffic to your website or blog. Getting more visitors is vital to boosting your business and turning your pages into a viable income for you. This is imperative, but you may be wondering how you can generate more traffic.
There are a lot of methods that various webmasters have employed to build traffic, and some of these ways work better than others. Certainly, some will be better suited for you and your site than others. That being said, the following are some tested tips for generating more traffic that you can try with your website or blog today.
1.) Work the blogs.
Blogs are big. Lots of people visit blogs, and many blog readers do so regularly. These regular blog visitors could come to your site too…if they know that it is there.
To work blogs to boost traffic, you first need to identify niche blogs that are related to your site. Pick blogs that you like and respect, and be sure to zero in on blogs that get a lot of traffic and tons of comments. First write a guest post and sent to these related sites/blogs with your signature on it directing a back link to your site.
Secondly start visiting these blogs and leave good, quality comments on the posts. Be sure that your comments are valuable and pertaining to the post; this means you really have to read the post first. Try to relate the post content to your website, and of course, you need to leave a link. Your comment should make the blog readers see a connection between your site and the blog they already like, luring them over to your pages.
2.) Use keywords.
Using keywords is one element of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to drive traffic to your site, because a proper SEO campaign helps your pages rise to the top of search results for particular keywords.
Create content for your pages that use niche-specific keywords that real people will use when they search the web. Pick unique, low completion keywords to make your content more likely to be at the top of the list. To find these right keywords, consider using the Google Keyword tool to select keywords that are best for your site.
3.) Get social.
Social media can give your site a big boost in traffic. It seems that everyone and anyone is on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. This includes websites, businesses, and blogs. If you aren’t on these sites, you need to know that your competitors are already using these sites to get in touch with even more potential visitors.
These social networks can be utilized to share your content. If you share links to your pages, it is even easier for your friends and fans to pass these links along to others. Additionally, putting these links out on these networks allow you to get a little SEO boost; links on these top sites can make your pages look more important to the search engines.
4.) Open up.
Many bloggers are tempted to make their site “exclusive” by making visitors have to sign up or login before viewing some content or leaving a comment. If a visitor finds it tough to fully access you blog, they will click away and you won’t make any money from them.
You need to be sure that all visitors can access all areas of your site. Visit your blog from different browsers to ensure that all elements of your site work and are visible in all browsers, and this includes mobile browsers. Avoid using flash or other design elements that will require special plugins to view.
5.) Soft sell.
You are blogging because you want to make money. Somewhere deep down, your visitors know that, but they definitely don’t want to be reminded of this when they visit your site. You want your visitors to click on ads and affiliate links or buy products you may be offering, but if your readers discern that you are trying to sell them something, they won’t be anywhere near as likely to buy.
You need to do the soft sell. The internet, specifically social media such as blogs, thrives on this approach. People don’t like to know that others are trying to make money off of them, even when they have set out to buy something. If they feel like you are being pushy by actively selling, they will be turned off and click through to another site.
You can still sell from your blog, but you need to do it right. This means that you need to have good, quality content that has a high value; your blog shouldn’t look like it was created simply to host ads. Any advertisements should be subtle, discrete, and small because visitors don’t like ads. If you have a shop, be sure to emphasize how excellent and beneficial the products are for your visitors; they are more likely to buy if it is all about them.

These are some of the tips for generating more traffic for your website/blog. As mentioned, there are a lot of ways for you to bring in more visitors, which will hopefully translate into more revenue for you. Try to incorporate these and other methods all at once; the more things you do to bring more people to your pages, the more likely you have a busy, profitable website. If you have more other ways kindly add it as your comment. Thank you.

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