5 Problems Associated with Good Investment and How to Solve Them

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Investing is ultimately the best way of safeguarding your financial future and that of dependents. In fact, no matter how much money you are making at the moment, you will still be vulnerable to financial problems in the future if you aren’t investing your money now.

But investing isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight. It comes with many challenges, and it can fail to deliver the much anticipated long-term benefits if not done properly.

Besides, everyone seems to have problems with investing irrespective of how good they seem to be at it. This post looks into 5 common problems everyone has with investing and how to effectively solve these problems.

1. Making the wrong investment decisions

This is truly the most common problem everyone has with investing. Even highly intelligent people are still vulnerable to making the wrong investment choices.

Ideally, the goal of investing is to maintain and increase the money we already have by taking risks that can help us achieve our financial goals. Although most people act rationally and also consider every piece of information they get before making their investment decisions, some factors such as emotions can influence us to behave irrationally—thus prompting us to make poor investment decisions.

To overcome this problem, evaluate all information you come across before investing. This will help you establish when it is worth taking the risk and whether the investment decision you want to make is in line with your long-term financial goals. You can also seek professional advice from financial experts prior to making your decision.

2. Failing to diversify your investment portfolio

Most people only focus in a single sector once they start their investing journey. However, successful investors with a wealth of experience tend to invest in several sectors.

Investing in only one sector can’t guarantee you maximum results on your money, no matter how much you invest. In fact, it can only expose you to risk, in the sense that if that sector experiences a dramatic loss, you will also experience a major loss as well.

The best way to overcome this problem is to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in as many sectors as you can. For example, you can invest in precious metals as a store of wealth.

Precious metals increase in value once the stock market retreats thus significantly minimizing your net portfolio loss.  You can also invest in cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) such as Bitcoin and Ethereum since such currencies have a lower inflation risk compared to the other ordinary currencies.

3. Not having a proper investment strategy

Most people assume that just because they have extra money at their disposal, they are ready for investment. This is disastrous because like with anything that needs planning, investing also requires proper thought and solid strategies that will work for you.

Always start with crafting a profitable investment strategy before you start your endeavors. Your strategy should evaluate any possible risks or potential losses on your money.

Investing is not the same as gambling. Whatever way you intend to invest; it is worth knowing that your success largely depends on how good your investment strategy is.

4. Fear of loss

Even the most successful investors had this fear at some point when starting out. Like already mentioned, investing is not gambling, but everyone has fears when it isn’t clear whether they will return a positive yield.

While everyone has fears of losing their money you should remember that as an investor you are simply a risk taker. Without taking proper risk and proceeding with making your plan you will never succeed as an investor.

To solve this problem, evaluate your investment idea and see whether it is worth the risk. Also evaluate your situation, in the case that you do have possible losses, which will prevent you from putting yourself in a difficult situation financially.

5. Expecting instant gains

Investing is a long journey that can’t be finished overnight. Almost everyone is eager to get gains right from the moment they invest. However, it can take months or even years before you get substantial yields on your investment.

The reason why most people expect instant gains is simply because they aren’t patient enough. The best solution to this problem is focusing on the long-term benefits rather than short-term benefits.


Investing is the surest way of protecting your financial future and placing it squarely in your hands.  As much as it is challenging, the long-term benefits of investing cannot be underestimated.

With a good strategy in place there can be nothing to hold you back from making the most out of your investment. However, avoid these five common problems everyone has with investing, especially now that you are aware of these problems and their solution.

Most importantly, keep learning more on how to invest successfully and seek professional guidance where necessary. That way, you will notice tremendous improvements in your investing efforts.

Author Bio

David Warren is the senior writer and lead researcher at www.HardStacks.com. He has been a financial engineer for over 30 years and has been investing in alternative assets since the Great Recession of 2008. He has a true passion for learning about economic cycles and educating others on how to protect and grow their wealth by investing in precious metals, real estate and cryptocurrencies. Follow him on Facebook.

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