Tips And Tools To Refined Your Retirement Investment Strategy

As you approach retirement, it’s only natural to think over all the things that happened, starting from lessons learned and challenges surpassed to personal and professional successes. This is a guest post by Christopher Austin of Wine Investment. The tips and tools highlighted for a successful retirement investment strategy are quite timely, I encourage you to read through to the end of the post, you can’t afford to miss each strategy.

As you embrace this new stage of your life, you may well realize that in spite of a thriving career, you still can’t afford to buy all the things you want and do all the things you planned on doing 20 years ago. Are your post-employment finances looking good? Will your personal savings and resources be enough to ensure you a comfortable retirement? It’s certainly not fair to struggle with money after you devoted 40 years to your job. Maybe it’s time to refine your retirement investment strategy. Here are some tips and tools to help you out.

Retirement Investment Strategy

Identify needs, wants & wishes

Have a plan in mind, and determine when you’d like to retire. Once you’ve done that, think about the kind of lifestyle you would like. Hence, you’ll be able to settle on a list of ‘needs’, ‘wishes’ and ‘wants’. Begin with ‘needs’ which basically includes daily living expenses, utilities, foods, and housing. ‘Wants’ are fun expenses such as social activities, travel and vacation, and last but not least, ‘wishes’. What do you wish to have? What do you wish do? You can choose to be give money to charity or to your kids, make gifts, and so on. By splitting your finances in these 3 main categories, you strategize your retirement plan.
Many people choose to live the illusion of wealth rather than be free financially. They don’t have a problem with looking wealthy instead of being wealthy. Believe it or not, many still prefer to have a comfortable lifestyle and be in debt over financial freedom, which basically violates the basic principle of wealth (which is asset accumulation). Now that you’re retired, can you save more and spend less to refine your retirement plan and think of a way to make more money? Because if you haven’t done that already, you should. It’s important that you control what you spend in order to build a comfortable lifestyle.


Investment ideas after retirement
Not many retirees can generate more income after retirement. And that’s because they don’t see themselves as investors. Luckily, there are safe ways to make an investment without risking your lifetime savings. You must ensure that your financial base is secure, and to make that happen, you have to consider low-risk financial investments.
Treasury bonds for example, are an excellent investment choice. They come with a fixed interest rate, and although you won’t earn a ton of money, you will at least get a good return without risking the cash you waged in the first place.
Certificates of deposit may also be a good idea, however, try not to withdraw money in advance because you’ll end up paying penalties.
Annuities may be another great way of investing without too much risk. There are different types you should check out: fixed annuities – fixed interest rate, indexed annuities – fluctuating interest rates, and variable annuities – choose the amount of money you’d like to invest and your returns willbe based on the performance level of those investments.
Fine wine investments – not many can afford to buy fine wine and wait to reap substantial returns. Consider this investment idea only if you’re a true wine aficionado. Get to know the market and stick to wines with a track record, like first growth Bordeaux wines, just to be safe.


Making an investment after retirement can be an excellent idea. Don’t do it alone though, and ask for professional advice. A financial advisor will help you make the right decisions. Making plans and setting goals are steps you can take by yourself; choosing a type of investment and spending money is not something you should do without assistance. Scammers that make fake promises can be extremely believable. Can you afford to take that risk? An experienced financial advisor with a good reputation will help you make the right decisions. Have a plan in mind and let an expert take care of the strategy for you. Don’t take unnecessary risks and you have great chances of living the happiest years of your life.




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