How to Find “buyer” Keywords Related to your market

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Before you think about optimising your website for search engines, find “buyer” keywords related to your market.
If you optimise your site for buyers, it will be easier for you to make money.
If you optimise your site for highly searched “non buyer” keywords, you
may get more traffic but it is likely to be unprofitable…

More traffic may seem great for your site but think hard about which
keywords actually attract the kind of visitors you will PROFIT from.
Good “buyer” keywords for your SEO site are words like: buy, discount, wholesale, purchase, etc.
They suggest the person using these terms WANTS to spend money = the kind of traffic we are expecting.

For example, the keyword “buy x box” is more likely to find you profitable Traffic than just “Xbox” or even worse “Xbox free”. This principle applies to all markets… “buyer” keywords are the easiest to make money from, so focus on it. Please note that: If you are selling products, try to avoid phrases that include the word ‘free’, as people who include this keyword in their search are LESS likely to purchase products.

Getting your domain right:
A domain is a major part of your site’s identity; it serves both as your internet brand and the gateway through which your customers enter your site. So choosing the right domain becomes the prerequisite for your site search engine optimisation. If your domain name includes the keyword you are optimising your site for, Google will automatically find it much more relevant (to this keyword) and will grant it higher search engine rankings.
Even if you barely post content or build links once a year, a good domain name can get you to the 1-2 pages easily. So bear that in mind when choosing a domain for your site.
For example: If your keyword is ‘Forex trading indicator’, a great domain is ‘’. Google will automatically identify this site as a relevant one and you could reach pages 1-2 without too much effort. Domains with NET and ORG extensions are almost as good as COM domains in terms of search engine optimisation, so if you cannot get your hands on a domain with your keyword with COM extension, a NET or ORG Version is a very good alternative. After choosing your domain name, it is time to optimise your pages and
Site structure for maximum effectiveness.
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