How To Easily Spike Your Conversions

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Many companies spend thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars every month on advertising and marketing trying to get their name out there to potential clients as much as they possibly can. The ultimate question is, however, “How many of those people are converting?” Now unless your business is converting at a rate of 100%, there is always room for improvement. Here is one simple way to improve your conversions: Email marketing.

I’ve always thought that email marketing had a bad sound to it. Whenever I hear of email marketing as a profitable way on how to advertise your business, I always think of spamming people, but email marketing is completely different than that. What you need to look at is how many people are visiting your site and only doing one thing…..leaving. Unless they’ve decided to bookmark your site, your chances of them coming back may be slim to none. By implementing email marketing into your marketing strategy, you can turn more of those gone forever visitors into customers. You see email marketing is really about follow-up, and I feel follow-up is one of the most abandoned marketing strategies.

Now, if you think follow-up takes time, think again. It doesn’t. By subscribing to an email marketing program like Aweber, you can pre-program all the email messages you want your subscribers to receive over a given length of time. So, here’s how it works. On your site you have an area where your client provides their email in exchange for a free gift. You offer a free download of something like an ebook(or whatever your client would deem valuable) in exchange for their email. Once they enter your email, then your auto responder (part of the email marketing software) kicks in. They get the free gift instantly, and the pre-written follow-up emails get sent to them at the intervals you’ve determined. Now, you tell me, how much more likely is someone who’s received a free gift and been followed up with to do business with you over another company who gave them nothing and didn’t follow up with them?

Email marketing- A Proven Fact
So, when determining how to advertise your business, it’s a proven fact that using email marketing in this way will not only help you to increase your conversions, but it will also assist you in getting repeat business from your clients. You need to remember that most people who are on the internet are not in the buying stage yet – they are doing research for the most part. The key is to capture them during the research phase, follow up with them, and when they are ready to purchase, they will remember you. It is the best, easiest way to follow up with your potential clients and stay in touch with your existing clients. The cool thing is that many email marketing programs are very inexpensive to subscribe to, and many of them offer step-by-step guides on how to create professional, effective, campaigns. So, if email marketing is not currently part of your marketing agenda, I greatly encourage you to implement it. Your business will thank you, and so will your clients.

About the Author
Brandon Jones is a Senior Marketing Advisor and a certify Google Adwords Partner.He can be reached at

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