How Investing with Richmond Berks can Earn you Millions in Few Weeks

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According to Robert Kiyosaki, the employed and self-employed can never become wealthy or super rich because of limitations to thier source of income why his widely read cashflow quadrant states that the business owner and the investor are prone to be wealthy. We will take a closer look at the investor. An investor allocates capital such as equity, debt securities, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives etc with the expectation of a future financial return. An attempt to deploy resources into Richmond berks Ltd for the purposes of investment will be worth it for an investor in just a couple of weeks.

Who is Richmond Berks Ltd?

It is an international company that traces its history back to 2008. Two young businessmen John Richmond and Klint Berks met at an auction, fighting over one and the same lot. One year later together with two other brokers they founded a company that specialized in purchase of real estate at auctions and its further resale at the secondary market.

In 2016 due to the conflict of interests, Richmond and Berks sold their company shares and founded a new corporation – Richmond Berks. In order to increase its floating capital, the company implemented cooperation strategy. Thus, anyone interested could take a share in auction biddings and gain profit from further real estate sales.

Implementing a new strategy marked a turning point in company’s development and has sharply increased floating capital and opportunities. New partners joined the company. It opened new prospects, as well as an access to larger transactions.

Company’s clients will always tell you that investing in real estate is reliable, consistent and profitable. That is exactly why Richmond Berks continues to grow and expand. And according to its MD “we are not going to stop here, as it is hardly the limit of our possibilities”!


Richmond Berks Reliability and Guarantee

The company has already been working in real estate auction market for eight years; they can be trusted with your investments and be sure you will get a steady life income.

The innovative technology of working with investments “RichShare” allows the company to use the clients’ money to trade on the real estate auction market with further profit making.

Their clients get profit in proportion with their investments, while the company gets a fixed percentage, which depends on the estate transaction cost. As an investor you can withdraw your earnings anytime convenient for you or redirect it to any available payment system.

Each client personally signs up a legal agreement that includes all conditions of investment and gaining further profit.

Each client of the company gets an insurance, which guarantees that he does not take any financial risks and will always get his money back.

Richmon Berks Goal

To set new quality standards and make a scheme of buying and selling real estate as transparent as possible.

To protect the client from financial loss while entering in transactions at real estate market.

To follow the company development plan at real estate auction market, increasing profit and floating capital.

A unique system of cooperating investment funds that allows you to participate in high value real estate auctions.

Richmond Berks Dollar Currency, the growth of which depends directly on the level of the company’s capitalization. It is convenient due to its stability and independence from other currencies.


Richmond Berk take part in the
largest auctions worldwide

3 860 000 USD
transaction amount
Type: Office building
Location: Marseille, France


1 310 000 USD
transaction amount
Type: Residential building
Location: San Francisco, USA


970 000 USD
transaction amount
Type: Industrial building
Location: Berlin, Germany

Richmond Berk Takes part in the
largest auctions worldwide


The largest world auctions according to investments in USD equivalent

New York, USA

London, UK

Berlin, Germany

China, Beijing

Marseille, France

Sydney, Australia

Real estate type



Residential buildings44,1%

Industrial buildings8,3%



More than 80%21.3%




Less than 20%14,9%


Very low15.7%





Some FAQ with Them

How much can I earn?

Your income depends only on you. Based on the amount of money you decide to invest. You will get 1.5% profit of your investments daily.

How can I get my money?

You can withdraw your earnings anytime convenient for you or redirect it to any available payment system.

What does the company have to gain?

Our company, certainly, gets some percent of the profit from the purchased real estate. However, this percent does not influence the profit of our clients in any way.

So what are you waiting for? visit Richmond Berks now to signup and start earning the profits that your capital so deserved.









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