Any Press is Good Press – The Worst Marketing Tactics that Paid Off

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Any Press is Good Press

The saying that “any press is good press” has been proven to be a myth over and over again, especially when it comes to marketing. Many bad marketing tactics end up ruining a company or brand’s reputation. However, some companies have been able to make these bad marketing tactics work for them.

Does this prove that negative press can in fact be good? You may be able to turn a bad situation into a good one. This is true. However, if nothing was done, a bad image could destroy a brand.

The story of Casa Sanchez who made a marketing blunder by offering free meals for life to people who had the company’s logo tattooed on their body is a classic case. The company was headed for financial trouble when the word got around and people started to get tattoos of the company’s logo.

The situation was turned around by limiting the number of people who would actually be given lifetime free meals, but this certainly turned out to be a bad marketing tactic. In a sense, the tactic paid off because it increased the brand’s awareness.

When would a bad marketing tactic pay-off? Brands that are well known will somehow be able to get away with just a slap on the wrist, but struggling brands could be doomed by a single bad marketing strategy.

When Calvin Klein decided to use young models in sexual poses, the ad became popular with the younger generation. The advertising campaign did not fare too well with the older generation, but still it gained popularity. Calvin Klein would have gotten away with it, but they decided to take it one step further and this turned out to be a big mistake.

Good or Bad Marketing Strategy what way out?

Well known brands do not have to worry too much about making a marketing blunder as they still have a good chance of recovering.

Unfortunately, if you’re a small company or a brand who is trying to get into the public eye, a marketing mistake will could cost you dearly. Although being a big company or a well known brand does not in any way keep you from losing large amounts of revenue on a bad strategy.

When Coca Cola decided to go with a new flavour and label it the New Coke, the public did not like the idea that their favorite brand was abandoning their core asset. Fortunately, Coca Cola admitted that this was a big mistake and went back to the original flavor, but not after they had been dubbed as losing the war with their rival Pepsi.

Marketing mistakes can sometimes pay off but not all the time. It is a huge risk to use controversial marketing tactics that can easily backfire. It is always better to use safe marketing techniques when you are still struggling with the brand. Making a marketing mistake during these times could cost you dearly. You may be able to gain a bit of popularity, but then would it increase your revenues?

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