5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees are Highly Motivated


No matter what your field of work is, there is one inevitable fact about every company: finding and keeping a motivated employee is a necessary task if you want your business to grow.Here is an article written by John Stone an editor to BizzmarkBlog and a business consultant, he believes the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur.

A motivated worker feels empowered, enthusiastic and confident about his job. Why then, only 23% of them qualify as engaged in their work? One of the most common causes is dissatisfaction with immediate supervisors. As a matter of fact, people who have dysfunctional relationships with their superiors have 80% chance of being disengaged from their work. It is obvious then that keeping their employees motivated is one of the most important things managers can do for their organization. Let’s go through some of the effective ways of maintaining productivity of each individual and driving him to perform on the top of his abilities.

1. Create a pleasant work environment

Your employees spend a large chunk of their lifetimes in the workplace, so try to make their office look as friendly and appealing as possible. . It’s also important to make sure the office is clean. Employing a professional cleaning company to keep on top of bins, keep floors clean and desks wiped creates an environment that employees feel proud to work in. Cleanliness has been shown to improve productivity. Your ideal work environment should be a space that is not too cramped, colored with neutral tones, with soft light and spread with plants. All these things create a positive atmosphere and reduce unavoidable stress, making your employees feel more at home.

If there’s one thing every half-serious business leader can learn from Google, it’s their worker stimulus program. No wonder they are one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.

2. Acknowledge professional achievements on individual basis

Acknowledgment of success and praise from immediate supervisors, done in person if possible, is in most cases equally or even more important motivator than financial reward. Negative feedback should be given as soon as possible to encourage your employee to self-correct, but if your workers are doing something right, or preferably go further than call of duty, they should take credit for that, to encourage good habits in your team. As every group has its extraordinary individuals, employees who deliver outstanding performance should be praised publicly, but nobody among your staff should feel out of place. Make sure your attention is not always aimed at the same people and acknowledge each individual effort.

3. Make your communication clear and consistent

Whether you’re facing good or bad news, you always have to be transparent with your employees. They are adults, so treat them like adults. Make space for new ideas, create honest two-way communication with them and do your best to solve their problems. If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to apologize. If you have to make a tough decision, explain why. A sense of camaraderie you create will be immense and the loyalty you produce will be shown through better results. Be sure though, that you never step down from the point of authority and don’t give your team confused messages about your position. Pretending that you are their equal can sometimes backfire, but as long as the communication is clear there shouldn’t be any problems.



4. Team building

Although it has been present in one form or another for quite a long time, the notion of team building has become very popular in the last twenty years, and probably for a very good reason. Creative business leaders started going out of their way to make their employees feel happy and motivated by implementing various ‘creativity and relaxation’ outlets within their organizations. Having a designated fun space to let off some steam through games like foosball, darts, billiards, or pinball is pretty common among bigger companies nowadays. Google has been at the forefront of this revolution in thinking, going so far as to include free hair salons, gyms, video games and even a full-sized swimming pool. If there’s one thing every half-serious business leader can learn from Google, it’s their worker stimulus program. No wonder they are one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.

5. Incentive programs and other benefits

Last but not least, be sure to give your employees some kind of money stimulus because hard work should always be awarded. Some studies have suggested that incentive programs provide very positive impact on employee’s motivation. They improve performance by 22% on individual level and as much as 44% in teams. Companies like Zynga, Google and Facebook are famous for providing other kind of benefits such as subsidized housekeeping, legal advice and even dry cleaning to reward their workers. Properly motivated and rewarded for success, they feel more valued as human beings.

A highly motivated employee demands a leader worth following and an assignment worthy of accomplishing. By providing this you will create a collective of strong individuals, loyal to your organization, who will be engaged in their job, knowing that their work will be rewarded and loyalty returned.

Author’s bio:
John Stone is a business consultant. He is currently the editor of BizzmarkBlog. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and watching Formula 1.

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