5 ways on How to Take Your Employees to Greater Heights with You

Here is a guest post written by Burry Standox. He is a true entrepreneur who understands the importance of building solid relationships with the people who work with him and for him.

How your employees perform at work is a great determining at whether your company is going to be a success or not. Studies show that when employees are happy and satisfied at work, they perform a lot better, which results to a boost in company production. Letting your employees feel that their efforts and contributions are invaluable to the company’s success is one way to keep them motivated and satisfied. And if there is an excellent way to do it, it’s by helping them get to a higher level, not only in terms of their career, but of their personal lives as well. Here are critical steps you need to take if you are to help lift your employees to a higher level that will change their lives.


1. Make it Your Top Priority to Train Your People 

If you want to be successful in training your people, it is only right that you make it your top priority. It’s easier to dismiss people when you find them losing their productivity than to invest time and money to train them. If you are after long-term results, however, you need to commit yourself to developing your employees. It may involve a lot of time and effort on your part, but it will surely deliver the results you are after.

2. Build Solid Relationships with Everybody in Your Company 

Before you start out, make it a commitment to develop relationships with the people you want to mentor. It’s a common mistake of mentors to try to lead other people without building solid relationships with them first. You may say that business is business and that it’s not necessary to get involved in your employees’ personal lives if all you want is to train them. If you check history, however, you will notice that the best leaders understand the role of relationships when it comes to developing others for success.

3. Offer Help Without Asking Anything in Return 

This is very important, because if your mindset is to expect something from others for investing in them, you will only get bitter and frustrated when you don’t get what you want in the end. Approach the journey in such a way that you give just for the sake of giving and nothing else. If you can commit yourself to helping others unconditionally, you will get more than the results you want more often than not.


4. Stay With Your Protégés Until They Can Fly on Their Own 

One of the secrets of successful craftspeople is that they never work alone. Take the people you are mentoring alongside you until they learn to master everything you need them to learn and be able to pass them on to others.


5. Clear the Way for Your People to Soar   

Once you identify that the people you are leading are ready to soar on their own, let them go and get them on their way. Give your people a clear direction, enough support that they need, and most importantly, the freedom to soar greater heights on their own.

As a businessperson, it should be your great desire to see the people under you, your staff and employees, grow and mature. Apply these practical tips and you will not only change people’s lives, but also see your influence grow and surpass limits.

 About the Author:

Burry Standox –  He believes that giving business awards is a good way to motivate his employees. He writes for awardsandtrophies.com.au as well when he has the spare time.

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