5 Important Tools Your Business Should Go With

In today’s day and age, your business is only as successful as the technology you utilize. Companies of various sizes are doing everything they can to keep their overhead expenses to a minimum, but how are they using technology to better their strategies? Here is a must read Guest Post by Bradley Derringer, a professional blogger.

There are a number of ways business owners can not only make life easier on themselves, but can help make their businesses more profitable. With customers pinching pennies to make ends meet, business owners need to be proactive in how they draw customers to the brand. Here are five tools every business owner should seriously consider adding to their arsenal.

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Tax Software

Ok, we all know the headache tax season brings, so why try and tackle everything on your own? Sure, it would be a dream to hire a CPA or bookkeeping team to handle all of your accounting and tax season needs, but not every company can afford the associated costs. Instead, software options such as Sage 50 and Quicken provide business owners with far more than a standard tax return. Aside from providing you with your tax returns, these software options assist you in maximizing your annual deductions, while also allowing users to manage and track their every business expense. Both of these options allow you to view multiple client files simultaneously, so you can work on more than one account at a time. And so long as your software is installed on various computers, you have the ability to work on your documents in the office, at home, or on the road.

You need to think of social media as one of your marketing strategies in order to achieve the success you’re currently only dreaming of. With a social media management program, you can manage multiple accounts from various social media feeds in one easy-to-use platform

Credit Card Reader

Whether you meet customers in person or solely operate as an E-commerce entity, cash has a limited function in business, as most retailers now accept credit cards, both online and through mobile credit card readers. With quality merchant services or a top-notch credit card reader, such as Square or Intuit, you’re able to accept credit cards for any purchase a customer wants to make. However, if you already use Intuit’s accounting software, you’ll be pleased to learn you can conduct your credit card processing with QuickBooks.

Both systems allow you to pay a monthly rate or a per-transaction fee, along with a percentage of the transaction in exchange for providing you with the ability to accept credit card payments. Mobile credit card readers are very simple to use; just plug the device into your smartphone’s audio jack, and you’re ready to swipe. Accepting credit cards online or through your mobile device provides both your customers and your business with a sense of security, ensuring prompt payments in a secure fashion.

Email Marketing Software

One of the greatest ways to generate more interest in your brand is through an outreach program. With email marketing software, business owners are able to utilize a streamlined email formatting platform to reach out to those who subscribe to your company, as well as prospective customers. With a service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, it’s easy for a business owner to create the perfect emails for specified recipients. Allowing users to separate contacts in to different lists, you can target your specific audience with each email you send. Email marketing can help boost company revenue by targeting those who are already interested in what your company has to offer, as well as reaching out to like-minded individuals who are currently prospective customers.

Social Media Management

If you haven’t heard about the need to keep up with a strong social media campaign, you’re probably falling behind your competition. Many businesses post no less than twice a day on Twitter and Facebook. Social networks are just as important to your company’s success as positive cash flow and quality production processes. Managing your social media accounts can take up a lot of time, especially if you aren’t well-versed in social media.

However, there are services available, such as HootSuite and Gremln, which make it easier than ever to keep up with your posts. You need to think of social media as one of your marketing strategies in order to achieve the success you’re currently only dreaming of. With a social media management program, you can manage multiple accounts from various social media feeds in one easy-to-use platform. Many of the options available also allow you to schedule posts in advance, so if you know you’ll be taking that well-deserved vacation or have a new product you need to promote, schedule your Tweet or post, and then move onto the other matters demanding your attention.

Assistance Without the Salary

Between social media, accounting, and overseeing every project in your company, it can become tiring trying to handle too much at one time. With programs such as Odesk and TextBroker, you no longer need to bury yourself in projects, as each of these serves a very specific function. If you’re looking for great, unique content for your website, but are tired of rewording the same descriptions you’ve been using for years, TextBroker puts you in the driver’s seat for great content without having to write it yourself. Simply post your requirements, and you’re able to choose the quality of writing you pay for. Odesk works in a similar fashion, putting business owners in contact with various freelancers from around the world. However, with Odesk, you can find the right freelancer for whatever task you need assistance with. Odesk allows you to post your jobs for free, and then allows thousands of freelancers to bid on your projects.

Bradley Derringer is a blogger for TechBreach, giving you the latest on all things tech.

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