10 Valid Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is The Next United States President

The race to the white house for the contending candidates has no doubt been a tough one. This year (2016) presidential campaign has been an unprecedented one with two out of the four candidates keenly campaigning to become the 45th President of the United States, talking about Donald Trump for the Republican Party and Secretary Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party. With just less than 2 days if not a matter of hours to the D-Day we reckon with who finally becomes the United States President. it is only most likely for one to predict that Secretary Hillary Clinton would be the next president from the following reasons below

  1. Experience

    : – Hillary Clinton has the necessary experience needed for the number one job, following her antecedent as a lawyer, a former first lady, a former secretary of state and a former presidential candidate. She has a far-reaching foreign policy experience; she simply has what it takes to get the job rolling without aid or supervision. She might have made mistake with the email saga, but she still remains the experienced one compare to Trump. She served as secretary of state for four years, and for eight years was the junior senator from New York. She ran in two very competitive Democratic primaries. As first lady, she led Bill Clinton’s push for health care reform, meaning she played a significant policy role on the White House staff. If elected, she’d be the first Cabinet member to become president since 1928, and one of the few with significant foreign policy experience in the post-war era. She has more direct knowledge of the demands of the presidency than Donald Trump. No wonder the President Barack Obama didn’t hesitate to use a little hyperbole in making the case for Hillary Clinton during the convention: “There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America,” he said. Then, in a joking aside: “I hope you don’t mind, Bill, but I was just telling the truth, man.”

    9. Gender

    :- The emergence of Hillary Clinton as the president will balance the gender inequality, besides the Americans would definitely want to have a feel of a female Commander in Chief like its counterpart of Germany’s Angela Merkel, Britain’s May Theressa. According to the Gallup news service – New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has a substantially more favorable image among women than among men — a gender advantage that persists even among Republicans and independents.


NPR interviewed dozens of women in different states about Clinton. Some said they identify with her, because she’s a woman. Others said they support the former secretary of state because of her experience and intelligence. But almost everyone at some point in the conversation, whether or not they were committed to voting for Clinton, mentioned they like her, because she understands “women’s issues.” This term — “women’s issues” is vague and has a different definition depending on who’s using it. For some women, the allure of voting for Clinton is a matter of simple identity politics.

  1. Electoral College

    :- The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Each state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for the state’s Senators. Under the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution, the District of Columbia is allocated 3 electors and treated like a state for purposes of the Electoral College. For this reason, in the following discussion, the word “state” also refers to the District of Columbia.

The College strongly favours Hillary Clinton chances of winning. Obama defeated Mitt Romney in 2012 by a margin of 332 to 206. This means that Trump would need to win every state governor Romney did four years ago, as well as the states Obama won. Looking at the current poll numbers, this is highly unlikely. In fact, Clinton looks poised to potentially win a few states that Obama lost, such as North Carolina and Arizona.

  1. The Polls

    :- The polls may not be seen to reflect actual reality of events, but it strives to present fairly what it will be. Several polls in respect of the presidential election have shown that Secretary Hillary Clinton has higher chances of winning the presidential election over the business mogul Donald Trump. For instance the New York Times national polling average states Hillary Clinton at 45.4% ahead of Donald Trump 42.7%. The CNN who is winning polls at October 20-23, 2016 shows CNN/ORC Clinton 49% and Trump 44%, CNN poll of polls 46% and 42% respectively. According to FiveThirtyEight 2016 election forcast,just recently shows secretary Hillary Clinton has a combined three models chances of winning the election with a 64.2% over Donald Trump at 35.8%. it states that its win probabilities come from simulating the election 10,000 times, which produces a distribution of possible outcomes for each state. Only November 8th will be the determining factor with the polls.

  2. Party’s Influence

    :- The Democratic Party’s success with minorities was especially evident in 2012, when 73% of Asian-Americans voted for Obama. A recent survey by the Center for American Progress and Asian and Pacific Islander Vote showed that 58% of Indian-American voters viewed the Republican Party unfavourably, while 65% viewed the Democratic Party favourably. In addition, the same poll found that less than 40% of Indian-American voters view Trump favourably.

Hillary Clinton moved aggressively on Sunday to press her advantage in the presidential race, urging black voters in North Carolina to vote early. Aiming to turn her edge over Mr. Trump into an unbreakable lead, Mrs. Clinton has been pleading with core Democratic constituencies to get out and vote in states where balloting has already begun. By running up a lead well in advance of the Nov. 8 election in states like North Carolina and Florida, she could virtually eliminate Mr. Trump’s ability to make a late comeback.

  1. Obama’s Rating:

    – No doubt Barak Obama the 44th United States president and the first Black man to run the coveted white house job has written his name in the sands of time with his outstanding performances why in office. President Barack Obama was able to build a far-reaching coalition of progressive White voters, millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics and women to capture the White House. With his help, this ‘Obama coalition’ has generally stood behind Clinton, forcing Trump to identify new voters and motivate them with a message of ‘fear and loathing’ in a change-oriented election cycle. The advantages favouring Clinton don’t stop at the US’ changing demographics.

Obama’s high approval ratings, which stand at 52% according to a recent Reuters poll. While it is often difficult for a president’s party to win three terms in a row, Obama’s popularity gives Clinton strong wind in her sail that can make a crucial difference in turnout on Election Day. His surging popularity and his 2008 and 2012 ‘coalition’ might be seen by historians as key factors if Clinton wins this November.

  1. Russia

    :- The Kremlin has never been in agreement with Washington’s white house for a long time. There had been disagreement on the Iraq invasion, the Syrian civil war to mention but a few. The Russians sees the Americans as a threat to its own sovereignty, as such that has caused the duo in dissension on many foreign policies particularly at the international scene. The Democrats have accused the Russians of manipulating the elections, Trump on the other hand have never seen anything wrong with a cordial relationship with Vladimir Putin. This may not be far from Trumps’ desire to extend his business empire to the Russian coast. Even though Trump has denied relations with Russia, if you take him at his word, Trump both does and does not have a relationship with Putin. Trump’s relationship with Russia came under renewed scrutiny this week following separate reports that there has been “an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit” and that the FBI is investigating connections between Trump campaign staff and Russian oligarchs. Trump romance with Russia definitely would give Clinton an advantage as an average American‘d dissociate itself from the unpatriotic relations.

  2. Sexism

    :- Donald Trump is seen by quite a good number of Americans as a sexism and even a racist. If these allegations are true then he has got for himself a great hurdle to surmount. The hate speeches on female models to the groping on females, the leaked videos with lewd conversations are very serious impediments that plunge his presidential campaign poll ratings.

Donald Trump has called women over the year’s different kind of names from “beautiful pieces of ass”, and the rest of them . Yes, a man who’s hoping to become President of the United States and presumably persuade a few women to vote for him, too. The billionaire has been widely called out for his objectification of women – he has a tendency to criticise them for their looks – and sexist remarks. Trumps sexism and objectifications already placed him at a disadvantage on this race to the white House.


  1. Temperament

    :- millions of voters around the United States have wondered if Donald Trump has the proper temperament for the job. People in the audience laughed when he claimed to have a better disposition than his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament,” he boasted. “I have a winning temperament. I know how to win.”

But his reactions and speeches do not show what he claim, he seem to negatively respond to every pebbles thrown at him. In their last presidential debate Donald Trump was heard to call Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman”, no matter what; such comment is unbecoming of an intended president. If such uncontrollable temper is manifested at this earlier stage, one wonders what the rest would be running the white House affairs and the generality of the American polity.  One of the great qualities of a good leader is the ability to exhibit self-restraint, to maintain stability in the face of staggering opposition. An apex nation like the US needs a leader like that.

  1. Foreign Policy

    : – the United States foreign policy is one of immense importance to the international scene. Both candidates have seemed to agree on certain foreign policies and disagree vehemently on others. Most controversial of Donald Trump’s policy are the deportation of over 11 million undocumented immigrants and the building of the US/Mexican border at the expense of the Mexicans as claimed by Trump. One wonders how realistic is all these vague promises to be achieved or could it be seen as one of such propaganda by politicians to secure power. Ramos in his interview with Trump asked “How are you going to deport 11 million people?” Ramos said. “By train, by bus? Are you going to bring the army?”

Trump replied that the process would be “very humane” and that it would work because he was “a great manager”. But the question I’m tempted to ask is “could that be all?” American voters, surely as they walk up the ballot box know who they want for their Commander in Chief.


About the Author: Adams Amana is an experienced freelance writer and the editor at www.cash4wealthng.com


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